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"Kelvin" - a permanent light installation by Till Nowak
at the historic water tower of Neumünster, Germany

The light projection "Kelvin", created by the Hamburg based artist Till Nowak, establishes a new definition of a major landmark and a unique artistic expression of the city.

"Kelvin" focuses on several permanent and changing states, such as, the stability of architecture, its functionality, the changing cycles of seasons, as well as, day and night, and climate temperature.

The installation consists of light lines matching the shape of the building in connection to color lights that change according to daily temperature.
The white lines act as a symbiosis of light and architecture. They are custom-tailored for the tower and represent an imaginary view into the building's base structure. At the same time, they are created to visually resemble water pipe networks and flowing water. At night, the installation is an extension of the architectural features of the building, which otherwise can only be appreciated during daylight.

When the weather is cold the tower glows in warm colors from dusk till dawn, and when it is warm it shines in a cool, blue light. This reversion is designed to influence human sensation.

The installation's idea was conceived to reflect a basic water function: The regulation of temperature, as well as, our dependency on water in many ways. In physical terms: The transport and storage of energy.

The 45 meter high installation utilizes four gobo projectors and two LED color changers. A gobo projector is comparable to a big, weatherproof slide projector. The projection is adjusted accurately to the building, which is made possible through a very specific technical workflow. This is a unique concept designed particularly for a permanent light installation.

The artistic and technical concept of "Kelvin" is the coherent extension of Nowak's architecture light installations, which are always based on a symbiotic connection between projection and architecture.

The permanent light installation will be visible every night from November 2, 2010.

A project of Verein zur Förderung der Kunst in Neumünster e.V.
and Stadtwerke Neumünster (SWN).
Artist representation and consulting:
Claus Friede*Contemporary Art, Hamburg.
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Till Nowak, tn(at),

Verein zur Förderung der Kunst in Neumünster e.V.:
Gabriele Wachholtz, 1. Vorsitzende, Hebbelstr. 22, 24536 Neumünster

Artist representation, artistic consulting:
Claus Friede Contemporary Art,
Tel: 01577-3030 600

Technical realization:

One of four glass gobos

Till Nowak adjusting a projector

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